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The Only 15 Examples Of "Boys Will Be Boys" That Are Acceptable

This is "boys will be boys."

1. Boys will stage elaborate but harmless sleep pranks:

2. Boys will be best bros:

there are two drunk men outside my window and all they're saying is "NO, you're MY best friend in the whole world" back and forth

3. Boys will play their favorite songs:

Her: “he’s probably out cheating on me” Me with the boys:

4. Boys will buy both "flavors" of tampons:

5. Boys will be super proud of their pets:

6. Boys will bake:

So I shared my brownie recipe with my guy friends and they decide the best way to mix the dry ingredients...was with an oar...

7. Boys will swear oaths:

Fellas this fall is all about Lord of the Rings masculinity That's right, we're going on long journeys with the guys We're swearing oaths to our buddies And if you say goodbye without a soft forehead kiss then buddy you fucked up

8. Boys will doodle:

9. Boys will jump in puddles:

Y’all look what my lil brother just sent me 🤣💀

10. Boys will act like gentlemen:

So my BOYFRIEND comes home last night absolutely smashed, gets undressed and then just stands there in my room. So I'm like are you coming to bed? And he goes "no thank you, I'm sure you're lovely but I have a girlfriend" and goes to sleep on the floor 😭😭😭

11. Boys will work together:

12. Boys will sing pub songs:

13. Boys will make silly videos:


14. Boys will be loud:

15. And finally, boys will just...be boys: