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19 Hilarious Disney Posts That Totally Nailed It

Never underestimate the Disney fandom's ability to be hilarious.

1. When they brought in the Little Mermaid lyrics at just the right time.

2. When they identified with Ursula a little too closely.

3. When they realized that Stitch wasn't even the best experiment.

4. When they realized that Beauty and the Beast left a loose end.

5. And also this much, much darker loose end.

6. When this fan was a master at Microsoft Paint.

7. When they had the best idea for a Disney Princess EVER.

8. When they noticed that Aladdin was missing an anatomical detail.

9. When they called Disney out on its titling scheme.

10. When they dropped in a Mufasa reference at just the right time.

11. When they pinpointed the very moment you become an adult.

12. When they made perfect use of both Taylor Swift AND Christina Perri lyrics.

13. And dropped the Randy Newman lyrics perfectly as well.

14. When they pointed out the true magic of Ariel's hair.

15. And perfectly summed up what getting a "trim" is like.

16. When they realized that Elsa and Anna might not be the best people for the job.

17. When they predicted Nemo's future.

18. When they noticed this VERY IMPORTANT detail.

19. And finally, when they said the most important thing ever said.

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