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    Here Are The 30 Best Moments In "Hamilton," Ranked

    As decided by BuzzFeed readers like you.

    Recently, I asked the BuzzFeed Community a pretty difficult question: "What's the single best moment in Hamilton?" There are so many to choose from!


    Fans commented with their favorite moments and also voted on the comments they agreed with, leaving us with a pretty-solid ranked list of the 30 best moments in the show. Here they are, in order!

    30. Alexander's "happy dance" in "Helpless" after he gets Eliza's father's blessing:


    "Hamilton’s dance in 'Helpless,' and Eliza starts to join in until she sees her father. It’s hilarious!"


    29. The "hey hey hey" right before the start of "Helpless."


    "LOL I love when they are all like "hey hey hey."


    Editor's note: The boys teasing Burr about Theodosia before "Wait For It" was a close second to this! Both make me chuckle every time.

    28. The entirety of the battle of Yorktown, but especially Hercules Mulligan's rap.


    "The battle of Yorktown. The tension is high and Hercules Mulligan's rap is incredible. The music builds and when the cast freezes and the British soldier waves the flag for surrender, I got chills."


    27. "Dear Theodosia."


    "It showed a really tender and vulnerable moment for each of their characters welcoming their children into the world they are hoping to create. It’s also just a great underrated song!"


    26. Angelica's jab at Thomas Jefferson in "The Schuyler Sisters."


    "'And when I meet Thomas Jefferson...I’m gonna compel him to include women in the sequel!' I think that line embodies what many of us love about Angelica. In a man’s world (like it was back then and still continues to be to an extent today), it’s really a standout lyric. Not to mention the cheers it inspires from the crowd!"


    25. Eliza's scream when Philip dies.


    "It literally gets me crying. Such a beautiful moment."


    24. The lyrics and harmonies of "The Story of Tonight."


    "I really loved 'The Story of Tonight.' The whole song gave me chills, especially the lines 'Tomorrow there'll be more of us' and 'Raise a glass to freedom' because they were Lauren and Hamilton's last words in the musical, respectively."


    23. "...And Peggy!"



    22. All of "One Last Time," but especially the end.


    "Christopher Jackson’s performance is so powerful and captures Washington’s personality so well. That moment at the end of the song when the entire company comes out to salute him, and then Jackson’s emotional moment at the end when trying to hold back the tears."


    21. Hamilton's petty moment in "Your Obedient Servant" (which was inspired by Leslie Knope!).


    "In 'Your Obedient Servant,' when Hamilton says, 'Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements,' and Burr goes, 'Sweet Jesus.' Because that line really sums up how annoying and petty Hamilton was LMAO."


    20. Burr's best line in "Wait For It" (or possibly the entire play).


    "'I am the one thing in life I can control / I am inimitable, I am an original.' Best line in my opinion."


    19. The small revelation of Eliza's pregnancy in the background of "Stay Alive."


    "Honestly, I've found something new every time I've watched it. For example, did you notice that about halfway through 'Stay Alive,' just as Washington promotes Charles Lee, that Angelica shows up in the background on the second level to comfort a newly pregnant Eliza? It's those tiny details that keep me rewatching the show. There's always a new one to find."


    18. Okieriete Onaodowan's line reading after the end of "It's Quiet Uptown."


    "After 'It's Quiet Uptown,' when the election of 1800 is starting and Jefferson says, 'Can we get back to politics?' and Madison is wiping a tear with his handkerchief and says through tears, 'Please!' Cuz like same."


    17. The foreshadowing Burr drops during "Hurricane."


    "One of my favorite little details is during 'Hurricane' when Hamilton says, 'I couldn’t seem to die,' and Burr sings in the background, 'Wait for it.' Eeeeek!"


    16. The staging during "Hurricane"


    "That one blue, still scene in 'Hurricane.' The choreography in that song alone is breathtaking, but that brief pause that articulated the eye of the hurricane is the best."


    15. Phillipa Soo's performance in "Burn."


    "Eliza's final quiet and sad 'I hope that you burn.' 'Burn' is such a powerful song about cheating and how your trust in someone you love can be betrayed."

    Editor's note: I'm also a big fan of her "you, you, youuuuuu" in this song!

    14. "The Bullet" as a character and a piece of foreshadowing.


    "When a person is 'The Bullet' in Act 1, and it goes over Hamilton’s head. And it is an omen of death. Gave me chills."


    Editor's note: That's ensemble member Ariana DeBose, who worked with the choreographer to create those moments!

    13. "The Room Where It Happens"...especially one piece of choreography.


    "Specifically when Burr jumps up and they pull the tablecloth off the table."


    12. Christopher Jackson's small moment in "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" that calls out Washington's slave ownership.


    "The moment in 'Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story' when after Eliza talks about how she helped raise funds to build the Washington Monument and Washington sings, “She tells my story,” but then she moves on to say, “I speak out against slavery.” And you see Washington look up bewildered, and then he lowers his head and steps back and the light fades off him, symbolizing how he’s not going to take credit for helping it happen because he owned slaves his entire life."


    11. Hamilton's freestyle during the duel.


    "'Legacy. What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see! America, you great unfinished symphony, YOU SENT FOR ME!' That line fucks me up. Every. Single. Time. It so perfectly encapsulates one man's experience with American exceptionalism."


    10. When Hamilton endorses Jefferson and Burr is crushed.


    "The part in 'The Election of 1800' when Hamilton endorses Jefferson and you can see the EXACT moment when Aaron Burr snaps. Leslie Odom Jr. was an amazing Burr."


    "Seeing Burr’s face the second before Hamilton endorses Jefferson you can tell he’s thinking, 'This is it. It’s all about to finally pay off.' And then his face just falls. I always shed a few tears."


    9. Four words: "Southern motherf**king Democratic Republicans!"


    8. "Hamilton wrote the other 51!" and the rest of the end of "Non-Stop."


    "All the emotions of everyone Hamilton has been involved with end up gathering and intensifying to the end mash-up where everyone's feelings explode. 10/10 a powerful way to end the first act."

    critterisbitter, annabelle

    7. King George's dance during "The Adams Administration."


    "When the best character — King George III — just randomly starts dancing on the side of the stage during 'The Adams Administration.' Best part of the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes."


    6. "Forgiveness / Can you imagine?" in "It's Quiet Uptown."


    "No, I cannot imagine forgiving my husband for (spoilers) cheating on me and more or less being responsible for my first child’s death. So that moment when Eliza forgives Alexander is so important. It makes me cry every time. And I will argue it’s the most powerful moment in the musical."


    5. Pretty much everything Daveed Diggs does.


    Editor's note: There were so many mentions of Daveed Diggs moments that it would be the entire list (and several people literally just voted for "everything Daveed Diggs does")! So here's a short list of some of the most-voted ones:

    - At the beginning of "Washington on Your Side" when Jefferson looks confused about why the hell Burr is there.
    - "Daddy's calling."
    - "Uhhh, France?"
    - The "my god" after Hamilton's confession.
    - "You don't have the votes!"
    - And of course, Lafayette's rap during "Guns and Ships."

    4. The gasp.


    "Eliza's gasp at the end makes me instantly cry every single time. It's incredible and so filled with emotion."


    3. Literally any time King George is onstage.


    "Especially his maniacal laugh during 'I Know Him.'"


    Editor's Note: Other votes went to "I will kill your friends and family / To remind you of my love," and the stomp/lighting change on "I'm so blue."

    2. "Immigrants! We get the job done!"


    "That was the best part. I have the T-shirts to prove it."


    1. The choreography in "Satisfied."


    "The choreography during 'Satisfied.' The way they perfectly executed going back in time during the song through dancing and using the turntable onstage... It gives me chills every time."