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Here Are The 20 Biggest Disney Quizzes Of 2020 So Far

The Genie heard your wish for more Disney quizzes. Here you go!

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Hi there! Please note that this is not a quiz. It's a curated collection of the most popular Disney quizzes of 2020 thus far. Click the links to take the quizzes that sound fun to you!

1. Can You Guess The Disney Princess If We Cover Up Her Hair And Clothes?

Disney / BuzzFeed

Turns out hair and clothes are kinda key parts of character design. Who knew? Take the quiz here.

3. Half Of These Disney Princess Dresses Are Fake – Can You Guess Which Ones?


Don't be alarmed, but half the dresses in this quiz are IMPOSTORS! Take the quiz here.

4. Half Of These Disney Eyes Are Wrong, And Only A Fan Can Tell Which Ones

Disney / BuzzFeed

How'd you do with the dresses? Wanna try eyes now? Take the quiz here.

5. Can You Identify The Disney Character By Just Their Hair?

Disney / BuzzFeed

Hair. Is. Everything. Take the quiz here.

6. I Bet We Can Guess Your Exact Age Based On This Color-Coded Disney Character Quiz

Disney / BuzzFeed

You get to pick your fave characters AND it's visually satisfying. Take the quiz here.

8. Can You Name The Disney Movie Solely By Its Font?


It's a font-tastic good time. Take the quiz here.

9. Honestly, If You Can Recognize These Disney Characters From Their Silhouettes, We'll Be Shocked

Disney / BuzzFeed

A very shadowy Disney quiz, indeed. Take the quiz here.

10. Only Real Disney Experts Can Identify 10/12 Of These Characters Based On Their Lips


OK hotshot, maybe you aced the silhouettes quiz, but how about just lips? Take the quiz here.

11. This In-Depth Personality Test Will Reveal Which Disney Character You Are With 100% Accuracy

Disney / BuzzFeed

Be honest with your answers! Take the quiz here.

12. Not Everyone Can See These Disney Characters — Can You?

Disney / BuzzFeed

You're going to need great color vision to get through this one. Take the quiz here.

13. These Are The 36 Lowest-Rated Disney Movies — How Many Have You Seen?

Disney / BuzzFeed

There are Disney fans, and then there are "I've seen Chicken Little 10 times" Disney fans. Take the quiz here.

14. Can You Name The Disney Movie By The Totally Random Scene In The Middle Of It?


You get one screenshot. That's it! Take the quiz here.

15. We All Know The Iconic Disney Castle Opening, But Can You Guess The Movie By Its Specific Opening?

Disney / BuzzFeed

These are some creative castles! Take the quiz here.

16. If You Get A 5 On This AP Disney Test, I'll Be Very Impressed

Disney / BuzzFeed

Let's say you get college credit to Monsters University if you ace this one. Take the quiz here.

18. Tell Us How Many Disney Channel Original Movies You've Seen And We'll Guess If You're A Millennial, Gen-Z, Or A Cusper

Disney / BuzzFeed

The DCOMs were a vital part of every 90s and 2000s kid's childhood. Take the quiz here.

19. The Disney Characters You Love And Hate Will Reveal How Old You Are

Disney / BuzzFeed

It's okay, just let all those feelings out. Take the quiz here.

20. This Increasingly Difficult Disney Quiz Doesn't End Until You Get One Wrong

Disney / BuzzFeed

What better way to end a day of Disney quiz-taking than with a really loooooooooong one? Take the quiz here.

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