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Nov 29, 2016

Please Watch All These "Bee Movie" Memes And Die Laughing With Me


Hopefully by now you've seen all the memes about the most inexplicable movie of your lifetime, Bee Movie.

Bee Movie is about a bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld who sues the human race for stealing their honey or something and also a human woman basically falls in love with him and it's the fucking weirdest thing because they're BEES.

Now YouTube is getting in on the action with a slew of genius recuts of the movie and trailer.

Here's a cut of the trailer where every time they say "bee" it's repeated based on how many times they've already said "bee":

View this video on YouTube

Here's a trailer that ends up with the Seinfeld theme song being played like 20 times overlapping itself:

View this video on YouTube

Here's Bee Movie with absolutely no bees in it:

View this video on YouTube

Here's a nightmare-scape where the trailer gets more distorted every time they say "bee":

View this video on YouTube

Here's just a full fucking minute of "I AM BEEEEEE!"

View this video on YouTube

And here's the entire movie in reverse at high speed but it slows down every time they say "bee" because WHY THE FUCK NOT, RIGHT?

View this video on YouTube

Honestly none of this is weirder than the actual movie though.

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