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You Literally Might Not Get Any Of These References If You're A Teen

The times, they have a-changed.

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1. Remember when everyone you knew had seen this video, even though social media didn't exist yet?

2. And even way before that, people would do the original Rickroll: the Hamster Dance.

3. You'd have to sit through this tiny concerto of awful noises before getting online.

4. Remember when this guy was like, the only meme?

5. This purple son of a bitch was supposed to do something helpful, but you just made him say stuff in his weird voice and then he gave your computer a virus.

6. Hey, remember motivational poster memes?

7. Or captcha comics?

8. Or rage comics? God, we used to actually enjoy these.

9. Ooh! Or Homestar Runner, which was ACTUALLY amazing.

10. Back then, the internet was basically nothing but Xiao Xiao flash cartoons.

11. And "O RLY?" reaction images.

12. That is, until the Great LOLcatpocalypse.

13. Speaking of cats, raise your hand if you can sing along to this right now.

14. Or this.

15. This was always when you decided you were done with watching pirated Dragon Ball Z episodes for the day.

16. Unless you still had to log into Club Penguin.

17. We've come a long way. Just be glad nobody's saying "le tired" or "hokay, so" anymore.

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