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    19 "Anyways, We're Married Now" Stories That Are So Dang Cute And Funny

    This is like watching 20 mini rom-coms all at once.

    Some married couples have pretty straightforward stories about how they met. Others' stories are a little more...unlikely.


    So when redditor thequeenoffandomhell asked the AskReddit community, "What's your 'Anyways, we're married now' story?" people responded with some hilarious, adorable meet-cute tales. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. They were in total agreement:

    "Right after our first kiss, he said, 'I’m not looking to get married.'

    "'Neither am I,' I replied.

    "So anyways, we’re married now."


    2. They stumbled right into it, literally:

    "I tripped and rolled down a hill, embarrassing myself in front of my girlfriend and her roommate.

    "Anyways, the roommate and I are married now."



    3. This is a "huh, weird" moment:

    "We met in elementary school.

    "I transferred schools before high school and we lost touch.

    "Found out we had enrolled at the same university, in the same program, once university classes started.

    "Anyways, we're married now."


    4. A very welcoming host:

    "He came to the door to borrow my sister's textbook. No one would answer the door, so I dragged myself out of bed and answered the door in a nightgown and curlers (hey, it was the early '80s, OK?). He told me he was there to see my sister. Without a word I nodded, turned around, and screamed, 'SISSS-TURRR,' then turned back around, said, 'Family intercom system,' completely deadpan, and left him standing on the porch while I went back to bed. He married me anyway. Thirty-eight years on the 21st."


    5. Hopefully he grew up:

    "My dad threw a paper airplane at the back of my mom's head in college. She told him to grow up. Anyways, they've been married now for over 36 years."


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    6. Always ask about their family first:

    "I had just started dating this guy, and he came over to hang out. My roommate was complaining about her coworker Pam. So I said, 'Who names their kid 'Pam' anyway? Fuck bitches named Pam.' My date says, 'My mom's name was Pam.' His dead mom. Anyways, we're married now."


    7. A small misunderstanding:

    "Met a new coworker, and our first interaction was me saying, 'I don’t believe you' under my breath as I walked by. He thought I said, 'I don’t like you.' Anyways, we’re married now."


    8. The ol' switcheroo:

    "Met him in high school while he was hitting on my identical twin sister. Anyways, we’re married now."



    9. An awkward start:

    "I met my husband when I got a new job at a grocery store, and the guy from the deli came up and yelled at me for hanging up on customers when I couldn't figure out the phone transfer process.

    "He was that guy from the deli, and anyways, we're married now."


    10. This is just quaint as heck:

    "So, back in the '70s, our families moved to a new farming town. Our church was doing a fundraiser by planting potatoes that would then be sold to help with building costs. Parents were busy and put us toddlers in a dry, empty cattle-watering tank/trough. Anyways, we’re married 25 years now."


    11. When in doubt, go on a pukey carnival ride:

    "When I was 13, I met a girl, Debby, at summer camp. She agreed to go to the carnival with me but wasn't all that interested (I can't blame her; 13-year old me was a dweeb). She brought along her annoying girlfriend Rene to keep me from getting too fresh, which worked. I was determined to get Debby alone — not that I knew exactly why — so I took the girls on the Tip-Top ride. Rene got sick, got off the ride, and puked. Debby and Rene used that as an excuse to split, and I never saw Debby again.

    "Three years later, a beautiful new girl with long black hair moved onto my school bus line. I was immediately interested and began a (much smoother) conversation. We went out a couple of weeks later and went to a carnival. She took me on the Tip-Top and I puked. That girl was Rene; we were both three years older. And anyways, we're married now for 41 years."



    12. Getting shot at by your future brother-in-law is quite a journey:

    "My great-grandparents met because my great-grandfather was delivering the newspaper to my great-grandmother's house and her brother thought he was trespassing and tried shooting at him. My great-grandmother felt bad and bought him lunch. They were together for more than 75 years and lived a very happy life."


    13. Whaddya know, those annoying icebreakers actually work:

    "You know that moment at church when the pastor says, 'Now stand up and say hi to someone you never met'? Anyways, we're married now."


    14. This one hits different during a pandemic, but still:

    "We went on a date to an Irish pub. I was eating bangers and mash and had the urge to cough. I tried to keep my mouth shut but just wound up spraying his face with gravy and mashed potatoes through my pursed lips. I was still coughing, so I took a sip of my drink to soothe my throat. It was beer. The bubbles tickled my throat more. I also spit that all over his face. He stared at me in disgusted horror as gravy, mashed potatoes, and beer dripped down his face onto his shirt. I laughed and laughed and laughed, making my apologies sound very insincere. Anyways, we're married now. Thank goodness our booth had high backs so only he suffered!"



    15. Okay, this sounds like an actual movie:

    "Twenty years ago, an exchange student transferred to my school for the year, and although we didn't talk a lot, we had so much in common. We actually both played the same-model guitar, surprisingly. Anyways, she went back to her home country (Japan) after the year was over, and I never spoke with her again. However, she got me fascinated with her culture, so I researched a bit, and eventually, a year later, I was able to transfer to her country through a program. I got placed in a randomly selected school and joined the school's light music club, and as I'm walking in on the first day there, I open the door, and guess who I see? The same girl playing the FUCK out of her guitar. I kid you not — as soon as we made eye contact, i just sat there with my jaw open in disbelief. I dropped my guitar to the floor (causing a chip that I can still see to this day, haha). We ended up forming a band for the school's summer show, and after our performance backstage, with all the adrenaline running through our veins, we kissed/confessed our feelings.

    "Anyways, fast-forward to today and we're married."


    16. When you know, you know, I guess:

    "We had been dating for two months. Driving around one day, I was telling him about my little sister and how a boy at her school had a crush on her. I laughed as I talked about how the boy proposed to her, and said, 'She’s only 5! I’ve never had anyone propose to me.” Without missing a beat he said, 'I’ll marry you.'

    "Anyways, it’s been nine years, a house, a kid, and two dogs, and we are married now."


    17. Pretty sure this is how most rom-coms start, too:

    "My sister met her husband while arguing about a seat on a bus. She came home saying how he was the ugliest and rudest man she ever met, and now they’ve been married for five years."



    18. Language barrier? What language barrier?

    "Met a guy on Tinder, texted for three weeks, almost canceled our first date because it was raining and I was tired and someone had hit my car parked on the street, got to the date, and he didn’t speak a word of English and had been using Google Translate to text me that whole time.

    "Anyways, we are married now.

    "PS: He learned English."


    19. And finally, the moms who actually made it happen:

    "Our best-friend moms: 'You two should get married!' Twelve-year-old us: 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♀️. Fourteen years later: 🤵🏻👰🏻."


    Do you have a story of how you met your spouse/partner that's a little less than ordinary? Let us know in the comments and your tale might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!