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19 Anti-Memes For People Who Have Evolved Past Memes

So meta.

1. We have come full circle.

2. Everything has lost all meaning.

3. We have gone into some kind of extra-meta post-postmodern territory.

4. What is humor anymore?

5. How has a simple photo become so recognizable that it can be riffed upon with no background explanation?

6. What does this mean for the future of art and culture?

7. Are we doomed to run every creative endeavor so far into the ground that it shrivels and dies?

8. All irony is lost.

9. Irony has been replaced with anti-irony.

10. If something is ironic only in the sense that it knows that you know it's deliberately not ironic, is it still ironic?

11. Will researchers someday in the future read these?

12. And if they do, will they think, The fuck is this?

13. Why did they like Kermit so much?

14. Were they attempting the surrealism of Magritte?

15. But truly, we're all just a bunch of weirdos with keyboards.

16. And nihilistic tendencies.

17. And a strange language that only we understand.

18. Nothing means anything anymore.

19. Happy 2017. Osteoporosis.