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    21 Times America, England, And Australia Totally Called Each Other Out

    Same language, but so, so different.

    1. When all three countries were burned in one thread:

    2. When — apparently — Americans were saying "rock, paper, scissors" wrong:

    3. When everyone made fun of American accents:

    4. ...And made fun of Americans in general:

    5. When England's town names were put on blast:

    6. When nobody except Australians understood this:

    7. When someone thought Pride and Prejudice locations were made up:

    8. When one sentence was translated from Australian English to British English to American English to old-timey Southern American English:

    9. When both Australian and American food was dragged through the mud:

    10. When the UK's lack of "pulp" was questionable:

    11. When an American hadn't caught on to the whole "tea" thing yet:

    12. When everyone was confused about Australian birthday songs:

    13. When nobody but Australians recognized the very real threat of seagulls:

    14. When Americans just thought that Harry Potter characters loved pudding, like Jell-O pudding:

    15. When everyone was confused about Australian blowjobs:

    16. When everyone was confused about British scissor laws:

    17. When Australia's weather horrified everyone:

    18. When everyone was confused about American public school activities:

    19. When High School Musical wasn't much of a stretch:

    20. When everyone was confused about Australian responses:

    21. And finally, when the rest of the world finally recognized why America hasn't gone metric: