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    17 Real-Life Comebacks That Were Funny, Devastating, Or Both

    You ever see a comeback on social media that was just ~chef's kiss~?

    1. When a young man wrecked a racist:

    it was 1997 i was outside McDonald's on Queen St age 15, an old lady barked "speak English" at a pair of young Korean men and without missing a beat one of them goes "OOooo i want a nice cup of TEA look at ME I'm ENGLISH i want to eat PLAIN TOAST" i miss him every single day

    2. When a Twitter user took down an entire studio:

    @IndieWire Nothing more appropriate to honor the Jurassic Park legacy than opening before you should

    3. When a Boomer made a stupid (and ableist!) meme and got immediately called out:

    A boomer meme about how switching to cursive and stick shift cars would "cripple a generation" followed by a comment saying how they're the ones who raised this generation
    Random_420-69 / Via

    4. When Pizza Hut wrecked an entire soccer club:

    Bit rich coming from a club that hasn't delivered since 1992...

    5. When a Brit employed a well-timed pun:

    Twitter user 1: "British people be like I'm bri ish" Twitter user 2: "After the incident in Boston, we always hide our T's"

    6. When the author himself made his way into the thread:

    Twitter Books: "Last book that made you cry" Twitter user response: "University Physics with Modern Physics 14th Edition by Roger A. Freedman" Response from Roger Freedman: "No doubt tears of joy"

    7. When this person saved everyone $50:

    You can do this already with a ZIP code.

    8. When someone spoke for the trees:

    so just fuck oxygen right?

    9. When not one, but TWO people used Vincent Van Gogh in their comebacks:

    10. When a Facebook commenter laid down the law:

    Facebook user 1: "Keep drinking the kool-aid on this so-called pandemic" Facebook user 2: "It was super cool that every country on the planet conspired to create a hoax to keep Dan at home for a few weeks"
    mikevannatta / Via

    11. When Walmart didn't let a guy boast...about anything:

    @chaselyons Why do you keep stealing eggplant, Chase?

    12. When a podcaster responded after someone tried to mock him for working remotely:

    @d__rob12 Just following the guidelines advised by the organization made up of individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to studying diseases and how to control and prevent them. I promise they know more than you.

    Twitter: @I_AM_WILDCAT

    13. When a dad had zero patience for his stepmother:

    Reddit comment: "My father was extremely close with his paternal grandmother. At her funeral, my dad was a sobbing mess, and his step-mother told him it was rude to cry at funerals. He replied, Don't worry, I won't cry at yours"
    tabris2k / Via

    14. When a bigot got destroyed:

    Commenter 1: "I think that's called desperate not bisexual" Commenter 2: "See, bisexuality is that I would have sex with men or women, desperation would be if I had sex with you"
    BelleAriel / Via

    15. When a microbiologist had the best "get back to the kitchen" comeback ever:

    Commenter 1: "This virus was not as bad as advertised, get back to the kitchen" Commenter 2: "My niece also calls my microbiology lab a kitchen, fortunately for her she's four, so she's allowed to be a fucking idiot, what's your excuse?"
    SophiaofPrussia / Via

    16. When a "your mom" joke got turned into a "you're a big baby" joke:

    Commenter 1 complains about a repost, commenter 2 says "I've seen your mom like 50 times in the last month" and commenter 1 responds "Not surprising, she works in a newborn ICU so she sees big babies every day"
    yakattack365 / Via

    17. And finally, when an 8-year-old proved that nobody is more devastating with comebacks than kids:

    Reddit question: "What's the worst way to respond to I love you?" Commenter: "My 8 year old daughter once responded to my wife I wish I could say the same"
    sezjzes / Via

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