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    A Woman Filmed Two Cars Fighting For Parking In LA And It's So Hilariously Awkward

    #CarWars: a masterclass in pettiness.

    If you've ever driven a car in a major city, you know that parking can be a nightmare.

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    So when a resident of the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles spotted a street parking standoff, she documented the whole thing so everybody could be like, "Same."

    Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A thread:

    Twitter user @Mrhflrs got it all on camera, y'all. BuzzFeed has reached out to her for comment.

    See, the black car had driven just past this prime parking spot, and was going to reverse into it. But then the silver car pulled up and decided the spot was fair game, and blocked the black car from backing in.

    Things got REAL dramatic, though, when both drivers refused to give in. A half hour later, they were still there...

    A full hour later...

    Polls were involved.

    Even Chrissy Teigen was watching the drama unfold, and was firmly #TeamBlackCar, AS EVERYONE SHOULD BE.

    black car wasn’t just driving then saw in his rear view mirror there was a spot behind him. He passed it on purpose. TO PARALLEL PARK. anyone saying silver car - U ARE A MEAN AND BAD DRIVER!

    So, how did it end, you ask? Well, finally the car parked in front of the black car pulled out so BOTH CARS PARKED RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.

    Now you might be thinking, "Man, that would be awkward getting out of the car." And you are CORRECT. In fact, it was so awkward that both drivers sat in their cars for a long while.

    Almost a full hour and a half after the saga began, they were still just sitting.

    Then finally, silver car made the move. Phew! All was well.

    In the end, @Mrhflrs left notes for both black car and silver car, hoping to talk to them about the epic struggle. She hasn't found them yet, but she DID find the person who opened up the new spot and brokered peace!

    LA driving is crazy, y'all.


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