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    Apple Revealed The iPhone X And Everybody Had Arya Stark Jokes

    A girl will hack your phone.

    If you watched today's Apple event, you know that the company is releasing the new iPhone X.

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    And among the phone's new features is one that allows you to unlock your iPhone with facial recognition.

    Basically, you just look at your phone and the camera reads your face and unlocks the phone without the need for a passcode (or fingerprint).

    Pretty much everyone had the same idea:

    Arya Stark could unlock everyone’s iPhone X #AppleEvent2017

    The Arya Stark jokes were flowing.

    Oh man, Arya's working at Apple now. #appleevent

    It's only natural; after all, the latest Game of Thrones season ~just~ ended.

    Not only is Arya Stark an assasin she's also an iPhone X hacker now.

    So Arya's still on our minds.

    Apple: Now you will unlock your iPhone 8 with your face so no one else can unlock it! Arya: #AppleEvent

    So many people made the joke that "Arya Stark" actually trended on Twitter for a bit.

    When Arya Stark trends on twitter because everyone simultaneously made the exact same joke. #AppleEvent

    But of course, there were a few fans who went the Jaqen H'ghar angle.

    Can't believe Jaqen H'ghar worked at Apple all this time

    In any case, this will be me teaching Siri my name on my new phone:


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