90 Thoughts I Had Watching The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

    We never got the jackass and honeycomb punchline.

    1. Well, we made it.

    2. I would've loved it if the "previously on" just started with like, Ned going to King's Landing.

    3. Really, when you think about it, the Stark men have been making dumb decisions since Episode 1.

    4. I'm really gonna miss this dumb, crazy, amazing show.

    5. The past couple episodes be damned.

    6. Tyrion really turned out to be a fuck-up of the first degree, didn't he?

    7. I love him, but...not a very good Hand of the Queen.

    8. Shit, that one burned guy was creepy.

    9. This is eerie as fuck.

    10. The Red Keep is hilariously undamaged.

    11. So Grey Worm's pretty far gone, then.

    12. Honestly I'm surprised the staircase leading down to the dungeons is still standing.

    13. The foundations are surprisingly intact.

    14. But hey, I guess we needed Tyrion to confirm the death.

    15. It gives Peter Dinklage another scene for the awards season reel.

    16. What happened to Arya's horse?

    17. Did she ditch the horse?

    18. Seriously, I have concerns about the horse.

    19. Lol Grey Worm must've sprinted.

    20. Yoooo that shot of Drogon's wings around Dany though.

    21. At least Grey Worm got a promotion. I hope it comes with decent benefits.

    22. "But the war is not over." Girl it's pretty over.

    23. Oh she did NOT just threaten Winterfell.

    24. That's probably the end of Tyrion but DAMN what a strong finish.

    25. Do the Dothraki ever relax? They do a lot of riding around and yelling, not enough chilling. Kind of ridiculous.

    26. Tyrion, you're very right. Varys is straight up laughing at you.

    27. "Oblivion is the best I could hope for."

    28. Tyrion and Jon are literally having the same argument the internet's been having the last week.

    29. "Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it." Wow drag me.

    30. Jon, continuing the long aforementioned tradition of Stark men making dumb decisions for love or duty. Or, both this time!

    31. OK question: Is this all still ash we're looking at, or is it snow now? I feel like it's snow.

    32. Didn't killing the Night King kind of...push back the winter? Isn't that how that works?

    33. I guess Westeros just has really long, naturally occurring seasons.

    34. No more stained glass window to put a Targaryen sigil on, I guess.

    35. "I imagined a mountain of swords too high to climb." Well to be fair, word is that's what GRRM imagined too.

    36. This thing is like, maybe 200 swords. Not 1,000.

    37. OH FUCK HE DID IT.

    38. Holy shit, Jon.


    40. Shit, so...what now?

    41. We've got 40 minutes left.

    42. Does the Lord of Light bring her back? Does Drogon go on a rampage? Does Jon go become a lumberjack?

    43. Oh shit Drogon is PISSED.

    44. Well, give everyone who bet "Drogon will melt the throne" their money.

    45. Well Jon, props for finally knowing something.

    46. Grey Worm's gonna be maaaaad.

    47. I gotta admit, if anything, these past few episode have surprised me!

    48. One last Davos speech. Didn't work. As usual. Good speech though.

    49. Sam just invented democracy!

    50. This scene's maybe a little TOO tongue in cheek.

    51. Oh, so BRAN is the choice?

    52. I mean, what Tyrion said makes sense.

    53. But like....

    54. He'll be known as King Bran the Creepy.

    55. Wait is that Robin Arryn sitting there?

    56. "Not sure I get a vote, but aye." This is playing like a Marvel scene with all the undercutting humor.

    57. Well, at least Sansa gets the North.

    58. Literally, poor Tyrion.

    59. HAHAHA they're sending Jon to the Wall.

    60. I'm dying.

    61. Honestly I think this is all Jon ever wanted.

    62. Maybe if he works real hard he can be a ranger.

    63. Awww, Grey Worm's going to Naath.

    64. Wonder what's happening over on Essos? Is Daario doing an OK job?

    65. Probably not.

    66. Arya's sailing west! That's good. Good ending for her.

    67. I literally can't stop thinking about Isaac Hempstead Wright saying that he squints in scenes because he doesn't have his glasses.

    68. "Died protecting his queen." That's a GENEROUS way of putting it, Brienne.

    69. Tyrion Lannister, Straightener of Chairs.

    70. Look at Sam with his Maester robes and chains!

    71. Aw man, so Archmaester Ebrose wrote the book and not Sam.

    72. Everyone who bet "Sam will write A Song of Ice and Fire" doesn't get their money. Him suggesting the title doesn't count.

    73. Wait is Brienne leading the Kingsguard?! That's good.

    74. And Podrick's in the guard!

    75. "You master of grammar now too?" Stannis's legacy lives on!


    77. The greatest mystery of all remains unsolved. Alas.

    78. The Starks really make off well in all this, despite their overall stupidity (Sansa doesn't count).

    79. Sansa's outfits are still on point, that's good.

    80. I hope Arya just lives a nice life as a cartographer.

    81. GHOST!

    82. Pet Ghost, Jon.

    83. Thank god.

    84. Aww and he got kisses too. Good ending for Ghost even though he's missing a fucking ear.

    85. A direwolf crown? That's badass.

    86. I know we're getting a prequel series, but I'm gonna miss this theme song.

    87. A little cheesy playing it at the end, but hey, it's a finale.

    88. That was weird! But kinda good! It definitely feels like this season should've been two or three episodes longer, but at least the show got an ending I suppose. Others have had it worse.

    89. Welp, what now?

    90. Guess I'll watch some episodes of Barry.

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