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9 People Who Were Embarrassingly Wrong, And 9 More Who Turned Out To Be 100% Right

RIP to the guy in 1903 who said humans wouldn't fly for "a million years."

1. This poll nailed it on every front:

But this person admitted they were a tad wrong about FaceTime:

2. This Bell telephone ad from the 1950s correctly predicted dialing telephones and even voice commands:

But this article was ~just slightly~ off about the timeline for human flight:

3. This illustration from the 1930s basically predicted video calls:

But this renowned economist made a prediction about the internet that wasn't quite right:

4. This person on Twitter called Idris Elba's casting in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie a year early:

@KaiserNeko @ChibiJanus Wait, wtf. How did I do this?!

Twitter: @LtChand

But this video game tournament gave out a prize for 5th-8th place that is now worth approximately $1.1 million:

5. This article from 1953 predicted not only cellphones, but also smart watches:

But this old tip from a magazine is most definitely not recommended anymore (seriously, don't burn batteries):

6. This person predicted the re-(re-re-)release of Skyrim:

But this article predicted that the internet would cease to exist shortly after the year 2000:

7. This Kim Possible dialogue turned out to be eerily prescient:

But this tweet from Elon Musk about the pandemic was...not:

@PPathole Based on current trends, probably close to zero new cases in US too by end of April

Twitter: @elonmusk

8. Tom Holland manifested his role as Spider-Man years before it happened:

But this YouTube video made a very wrong prediction about the Nintendo Switch:

9. And finally, this comic from the 1920s predicted cellphones (and having them ring at inappropriate times):

But in 2010, there was a parade for the (now-discontinued) Windows Phone that had a mock "funeral" for the iPhone:

A hearse driving down a street followed by people dressed as Windows phones holding a big cardboard iPhone like a coffin

H/T to r/agedlikewine and r/agedlikemilk

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