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40 Incredible Little Details In Pixar Movies That Prove Their Animators Are Brilliant

I literally only noticed three of these when watching the movies.

1. In Toy Story, the "Next Launch" countdown at Pizza Planet shows the exact time until Woody and Buzz launch Sid's rocket later in the movie.

2. Also in Toy Story, Buzz interacts with a Binford toolbox. Binford is a fictional brand from Home Improvement, which starred Tim Allen (who voices Buzz).

3. And the books behind Woody are all titles of past Pixar shorts.

4. In Toy Story 2, the opening shot features a cluster of stars in the shape of the famous Pixar lamp.

5. In Toy Story 3, Buzz's batteries are made by Buy n Large, the company from Wall-E.

6. You can still see the stitching on Woody's arm in Toy Story 3 from when it was sewn back on in Toy Story 2.

7. And in this shot, you can see that Andy measured and marked the heights of his toys on the doorframe.

8. In Up, all of Ellie's possessions and photos are circular or curved, while Carl's are square and rigid, reflecting their different personalities.

9. Russell has one side of his shirt collar sticking out, just like Carl did when he was young, suggesting that maybe they're not so different.

10. Anton Ego's face is less thin and gaunt by the end of Ratatouille, because he's rediscovered his love of food.

11. Earlier in the movie, Ego's typewriter looks like a skull, and his office is shaped like a coffin.

12. Colette has a small burn on her forearm from hot oven racks, a frequent injury for chefs.

13. The mime in Ratatouille looks ~suspiciously~ like Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles.

14. In A Bug's Life, Manny the mantis is married to a butterfly, because a female mantis would've killed him right after mating.

15. This Chinese takeout box from A Bug's Life also appears in Ratatouille and Inside Out.

16. In Coco, Ernesto's guitar features a gold tooth on the skull at the headstock, which is a clue that it was actually Héctor's guitar all along.

17. Héctor's original music for "Remember Me" is meant to be played "simply, tenderly" and with an expressive tempo. Ernesto turns it into almost the exact opposite, giving it a rigid, uptempo beat and playing it extravagantly and with exuberance.

18. A bunch of Pixar piñatas shaped like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Mike Wazowski are briefly visible in Coco.

19. There's a poster for The Incredibles (the dead version, anyway) in the Land of the Dead.

20. You probably noticed that the windows in the Family Affairs office look like skulls, but you might have missed that the lightbulbs look like skulls too.

21. Even some of the spaces between buildings in the Land of the Dead are shaped like skulls.

22. In Finding Nemo, Bruce the shark says, "I never knew my father!" Male sharks leave after mating with a female and do not raise their young, so this would be biologically accurate.

23. Also in Finding Nemo, the dentist leaves the bathroom without washing his hands, right before going to work on a patient's teeth. Ewwww.

24. The dentist's office also has a Buzz Lightyear toy lying on the floor.

25. The cards in Riley's imagination in Inside Out have faces that look like Riley and her parents.

26. In Monsters, Inc., Boo gives Sulley a Nemo toy, even though Finding Nemo came out two years AFTER Monsters, Inc.

27. This gag with Sulley is an homage to the classic Looney Tunes cartoon Feed the Kitty, as it's almost exactly the same, shot for shot.

28. There's a hole in Sulley's chair so that his tail won't get in the way when he sits down.

29. In Wall-E, the past captains often served for 100 years or more, indicating that technology has advanced enough to drastically increase human life spans.

30. This robot's keyboard in Wall-E is all ones and zeroes, because it types exclusively in binary.

31. When Wall-E is struck by lightning toward the beginning of the movie, it charges his battery to full.

32. In Cars, the cliffs and canyons are shaped like old cars.

33. The pit crew member who says his name isn't Chuck is listed as "Not Chuck" in the end credits.

34. In Cars 2, there's an ad for Insuricare "car life insurance." Insuricare is the same company Bob Parr works for at the start of The Incredibles.

35. All of the dogs in Brave are Scottish deerhounds, which would be the type of dogs owned in that time period in Scotland, especially by a royal family that hunts.

36. In The Good Dinosaur, Earth's continents are closer together than usual, indicating that Pangea has only just separated.

37. One of the deceased heroes in The Incredibles, Downburst, appears to have been able to fly and fight using "gaseous expulsion," aka farts or burps.

38. This Insuricare letter on Mr. Huph's desk is a memo asking employees to pay for their own office supplies due to "financial cut-backs," even though later in the memo it says that Insuricare is making "record profits."

39. When Buddy (played by Jason Lee) gets in Mr. Incredible's car, Mr. Incredible starts to call him Brodie. That was Jason Lee's character's name in Mallrats.

40. And finally: In Incredibles 2, the painting in Helen's hotel room symbolizes how she's separate from her family: One red line at the right (Helen) is set apart from a big, wide red line (Bob), a tall, thin line (Violet), a shorter line (Dash), and a red dot (Jack-Jack).

H/T: /r/MovieDetails