23 "Ghostbusters" Fans Who Are Definitely NOT Sexist

    The YouTube comments for the new Ghostbusters trailer make some really great points.

    1. Don't worry, he said he's NOT sexist.

    2. *calls Disney* Yes hello please cancel all forthcoming Star Wars movies, the original was great.

    3. Yeah, this really would have been better with the (all-male) cartoon cast.

    4. Why aren't there any hot ones????

    5. "I wouldn't have minded a female reboot... [tampon joke]."

    6. Literally turned into women! Literally!

    7. God, that is so sexist. And there were so many women in the trailer for the original Ghostbusters!

    8. Why'd they cast these women in roles written for women?!?!1!

    9. At least the "homo" demographic will be out in force.

    10. "I would've liked it better if there were men in it."

    11. Otherwise, why bother?

    12. More realistic female characters in movies about shooting ghosts with proton beams!

    13. Diversity is hella sexist and racist.

    14. Ghostbusters are inherently masculine characters, guys.

    15. Men HATE Bridesmaids. Fact.

    16. Slimer was in the trailer, but don't let that stop you.

    17. Just a really great question to be asking overall.

    18. Guys, we ruined Emma Watson for this poor man.

    19. God, can you even imagine? It would never work, because women would be like, "Ew, snakes!"

    20. Not to generalize, though.

    21. More skinny woman movies!

    22. At least you're being honest.

    23. Good point, bro.