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27 Stores That Were Named By Absolute Geniuses

Grab some baked goods at "Bread Pitt," then get your laundry done at "Lord of the Rinse." (H/T to this puntastic Imgur post.)

1. If they don't sell Angelina Jelly I'm leaving.

2. More like sunken noodle.

3. Watch out for rinse wraiths.

4. Does Captain Cook work there?

5. This joke is so lamb it's actually funny.

6. They'll make you a fish fry you can't refuse.

7. Yes, metal is involved in a way.

8. Margaritas with an Atticus Pinch of salt.

9. Nooooooooooo.

10. They will take it. They will take the wing to your door.

11. Too soon?

12. Selling bouquets of Lieutenant Dandelions.

13. More like "Stairway to Leavened," amirite?

14. *Slow clap*

15. *Slow clap, building to thunderous applause*

16. Listen, man. Either make your logo a picture of Jabba or go with "Barber Fett." Choose one.

17. This belongs in a museum.

18. I ~see~ what you did there.

19. Hey hey, you you, I don't like your store name.

20. It even makes you read it in a posh accent!

21. Janie's got a set of clippers.

22. This pun is a pain in the neck.

23. That explains the breathing.

24. Yeah, they went there.

25. Whoever thought this up is a funny girl.

26. Drop the bass.

27. In the interest of saving you time when you haven't had your first cup yet.