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27 Funniest Moments From "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Not pictured: literally thousands of Colin Mochrie bald jokes.

1. When Brad came up with a great pick-up line.

2. And Ryan's pizza-themed one was pretty great too.

3. When Wayne came up with the best crossover.

4. When Ryan kept it simple.

5. When Wayne didn't have to speak.

6. When Brad was ridiculously clever.

7. When Wayne's joke didn't land but Colin still made it hilarious.

8. When Ryan and Colin made Sesame Street inappropriate.

9. When the legendary Robin Williams made a legendary dick joke.

10. When Ryan made an epic pun and it took everyone a second to get it.

11. When Wayne made an amazing callback to one of Colin's jokes.

12. When Wayne's shark mask brought on a barrage of jokes.

13. When things got dark real fast.

14. When Ryan dropped another epic pun, this time Beyoncé-themed.

15. When Colin dropped the punch line to end all punch lines.

16. When Colin had everyone in tears with a single joke.

17. When Colin totally knew Wayne's struggles.

18. When Colin was clearly supposed to be Justin Bieber.

19. When Colin got into political humor.

20. When Brad rhymed his way into our hearts.

21. When Drew tripped and the rest of the cast covered for him.

22. When Ryan offered career advice.

23. When Drew fired right back at Ryan.

24. When Wayne had some offstage help.

25. When Brad actually guessed every "party quirk" correctly and everyone lost it.

26. When Brad used the censors to his advantage.

27. And finally, when this beyond incredible scene happened.

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