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27 Pixar Movie Details From The Last 10 Years That Prove How Genius They Are

It's been an amazing decade for Pixar fans.

1. In Incredibles 2 (2018), the pilot's uniform has ribbons/bars that represent the color schemes of all the other Pixar movies to date.

One of the most hidden (and my personal favorite) #incredibles2 easter egg: the color bars on the pilot’s uniform are abstract representations of all 20 pixar films.

2. During the opening titles, the windows on the Disney castle light up to make the Incredibles logo.

3. The names on the International Superhero Accord are all references to notable animators, such as Henry Selick, who worked for Disney in the '70s and '80s.

4. Elastigirl's new suit (made by DevTech), is damaged during a fight, while the rest of the family's suits (made by Edna Mode) are undamaged. This shows that Edna truly is the best, darling.

5. When Helen is away from her family in the hotel room, the abstract painting behind her illustrates the divide: The single red line on the right represents her, while the other four red shapes represent Bob, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

6. In Inside Out (2015), Riley's clothes become more muted as she becomes more depressed throughout the movie.

7. The playing cards in Riley's imagination feature her dad's face as the King, her mom's face as the Queen, and her face as the Jack (except the J is changed to an R for "Riley").

8. Some of Riley's memories are references to other Pixar movies or Easter eggs, such as the Pizza Planet truck or the house from Up.

9. A magazine in Riley's living room features Colette from Ratatouille on the cover.

10. In Coco (2017), there are hidden skulls throughout the Land of the Dead, including in the light bulbs and windows of the Family Affairs office.

11. The orchestra conductor for De La Cruz's big show is designed after Michael Giacchino, who composed the score for Coco.

12. Both Héctor and the guitar have a gold tooth, foreshadowing the twist that the guitar wasn't De La Cruz's at all.

13. Whenever characters play guitar in the movie, their hands form the actual chords corresponding to the music...even though it would've been easy to just fake it.

14. In Toy Story 3 (2010), the batteries in Buzz Lightyear's back are Buy n Large brand, the same company from Wall-E.

15. Sid makes an appearance in Toy Story 3, showing that he got a job as a garbage collector.

16. In one closeup shot, you can see that Andy marked the height of his various toys against the door jamb.

17. In Toy Story 4, the red thread that was used to sew Woody's arm back on is still visible.

18. The glue that Bonnie uses to make Forky says it was made in Emeryville, California, which is the home of Pixar Studios in real life.

19. The grape soda cap from Up makes a quick appearance when Bo Peep's sheep find it on the playground.

20. In Monsters University (2013), Randall's side of the room has a poster that reads, "Winds of Change: Shhh, can you hear them?" which references a line he spoke in Monsters, Inc.

21. When Mike marks an X on the calendar in red marker, it's brighter and fresher than the rest of the marks, which have dried.

22. In Finding Dory, Jacques's bag is cleaner than all the other bags. This is because he's a skunk cleaner shrimp, which means he eats dead tissue and other organisms.

23. The bottom of the coffee pot that Dory hops into is stained from use.

24. In Cars 3 (2017), Gabriel — one of the cars at the training center — looks at a photo of his hometown, which is Santa Cecilia from Coco.

25. One of the racers in the background is sponsored by Apple and has the number 84. Apple CEO Steve Jobs cofounded Pixar, and both the Apple Macintosh and Pixar's first short were released in 1984.

26. In Cars 2 (2011), there are multiple references to Italian cars in the Italian village that Lightning McQueen visits. The Maserati trident is on the fountain statue, and the old Alfa Romeo grille is on the church.

27. And finally, the globe on the Cars 2 poster features a country shaped like a car. It's right next to the Car-ibbean