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    26 "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Tweets That Are Either Funny Or Cute

    The final boss in Animal Crossing is capitalism.

    Last week, Animal Crossing: New Horizons became available, and it didn't take long for Nintendo Switch owners to fall in love with the new entry in the series.

    Here are 26 of the funniest, cutest tweets about everybody's new favorite game about real estate debt:


    tom nook after he sells me a mystery ticket to tarantula island


    Since we can't do anything outside rn we went on a date in Animal Crossing 😊


    I’ve finally perfected by passport photo. #ACNH #AnimalCrossing



    I am a: ⚪️male ⚪️female 🔘animal crossing islander Seeking: ⚪️male ⚪️female 🔘30 iron nuggets


    this is my new favorite out of context animal crossing screenshot


    doom twitter: take your time, have fun finding the easter eggs, enjoy the game at your own pace ❤️😊 animal crossing twitter: THIS DUDE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE 100 TRILLION BELLS YET 😂 THIS DUDE HASN'T EVEN RECONSTRUCTED THE TOWER OF BABEL AND ASCENDED TO KILL GOD


    quarantine routine: -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -take a break and login to tw to see everyone having fun with animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing


    Animal Crossing fans when half the Pokémon get cut from Sw/Sh vs. when one frog chair isn’t seen in New Horizons


    how i play animal crossing: ok i played for an hour and i guess that is all i can do today i will check in with my animal town tomorrow everyone on twitter: i have played for 30 hours in 2 days and have somehow recreated all of Rapture from Bioshock on my island


    Important discovery while playing animal crossing


    THINGS YOU CAN DO IN QUARANTINE: -play animal crossing new horizons. -play animal crossing new horizons. -play animal crossing new horizons. -play animal crossing new horizons. -play animal crossing new horizons. -play animal crossing new horizons.




    me playing animal crossing in the middle of the night hunting tarantulas


    Me two days ago: What is Animal Crossing exactly? Me now: I HAVE TO CATCH FISH SO AN OWL CAN OPEN A MUSEUM


    tom nook today i will have my revenge #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch


    tom nook: do u mind if i invite my old museum curator friend, blathers? me, visibly sobbing: you tell that old son of a bitch to come home


    anyway i wont hear any anti tom nook rhetoric any more. the man basically gives you free property, asking only that you pay it off in this imaginary currency he made that you earn by being an active member of your community and supporting your neighbors and local ecosystem


    nintendo saw all your jokes about guillotining tom nook and now half his dialogue is like “you know I could’ve made you pay for that but chose not to.” “ah, people keep telling me to raise prices but I say no thank you.”


    OH NO I'M SORRY #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch


    Something washed up on my beach? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch


    12:00am: ANIMAL CROSSING IS FINALLY HERE AAAAA IM OPENING IT IM PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW!!!! 3:17am: okay. so i finally figured out what to name my island,


    I don't understand animal crossing. after playing for a couple hours daily I finally have a museum on my humble island but then I open twitter and apparently everyone else has just finished constructing the mesopotamian empire


    in animal crossing so far: - stung by wasps - killed by a scorpion? (did i die?) - talked to ghosts - a drunk seagull washed up in my island this game is way more hardcore than you guys let on