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25 Cleverest "Futurama" Title Jokes, Ranked

The best of the best of the title screen gags. Inspired by this ambitious Imgur post.

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25. "If Not Entertaining, Write Your Congressman."


Traditional Futurama self-deprecating humor, mixed with the possibility that someone might actually write their congressman about an unfunny cartoon. Gold.

12. "Not the Episode With the Dead Dog."


Toward the end, Futurama got wise to the tendencies of its fan base on the Internet and started reacting to them. This was one of the results, and it rings so true because that episode will only bring tears every time.

1. "Please Rise for the Futurama Theme Song."


Just try not to laugh when you picture people solemnly standing up in front of their TVs with their hands over their hearts while the opening credits play. Just try.

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