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    Posted on Dec 19, 2017

    24 Huskies And Klee Kai That Are Totally Ready For The Holidays

    These pups have so much holiday spirit!

    1. This klee kai who got to tell Santa his Christmas list.

    2. This klee kai who's all bundled up for the cold weather.

    3. This husky who has a festive tree AND a scarf.

    4. This klee kai who's decking the halls.

    5. This lil' klee kai who went looking for stocking stuffers a little early.

    6. These klee kai who are going undercover as elves.

    7. This pup who doesn't want the responsibility that comes with being a reindeer.

    8. This snowy lil' pupper.

    9. This energetic klee kai who loves the snow.

    10. This klee kai who has on her holiday best.

    11. This pup who has his PJs and is all ready to snuggle.

    12. These huskies who are looking dashing in their antlers.

    13. This klee kai who is pumped about Hanukkah.

    14. This klee kai with a comfy elf hat.

    15. This klee kai who's waiting for Santa to show up.

    16. This duo who have so much Christmas spirit.

    17. This pupper who knows how to work their angles.

    18. This husky who's trying to think of where to put the Elf on the Shelf tonight.

    19. And these lil' huskies, who are too tiny to hang the wreath.

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