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23 Teachers Who Won At Life

True legends of the educational field.

1. The teacher who dealt with a sleeping student perfectly:

2. And this one:

3. The teacher who made a visual demonstration:

4. The teacher who was up on meme culture:

5. The teacher who trolled his students with math:

6. The teacher who gave out the best hall pass ever:

7. This professor, who needed a day off:

8. The teacher who gave up:

9. The teachers who are really, REALLY into Magnum, P.I.

10. And the professor who was really into Breaking Bad:

11. The teacher who said what everyone was thinking:

12. The teachers who knew just what a student's lock screen needed:

13. The creator of this exam:

14. And this one:

15. This master of puns:

16. The teacher who assigned this homework:

17. The professor who kept the Rick Roll alive:

18. This very dedicated history teacher:

19. The teacher who got in the holiday spirit:

20. The professor who matched with a student on Tinder:

21. The teacher who gave kids a damn break:

22. The teacher who called everyone out:

23. And the teacher who was not to be messed with: