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23 Pictures You'll Laugh At If You're An "Overwatch" Fan

"If you hear angry yelling in Japanese, start running."

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1. This accurate description:

2. This savage burn from the Overwatch account:

3. This moment of failure:

4. This familiar Mercy feeling:

5. This moment of panic:

6. This thought that you'd totally have in 1346:

7. This moment of vindication:

8. This meme adaptation:

9. This knock on Bastion mains:

10. This burn for all Reaper mains:

11. And this proof that not ALL Reaper mains are edgy:

12. This scale:

13. This slight dig at Blizzard's hitboxes:

14. This familiar look:

15. This sweet summer child:

16. This solid advice:

17. This feeling:

18. This "oh shit" moment:

19. This moment of "nope":

20. This accurate description of team composition problems:

21. This moment of tension:

22. This uncanny resemblance:

23. And finally, all of these very accurate comparisons:

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