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23 Times Feminists Dropped The Fucking Mic

"The 'weaker sex' is the one that pays for drinks when it sees exposed skin, right?"

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1. This response to unwanted sexting:

2. This accurate headline:

3. This little Tinder exchange:

4. This little bit of irony:

5. This excellent idea:

6. This little lesson in consent:

7. This beautifully sarcastic response to all the trolls out there:

8. This complete and utter takedown of catcalling:

9. This girl's instant justice:

10. This shout-out to white male privilege.

11. This savage clapback:

12. This helpful translation:

13. This truth:

14. This brilliant method of dealing with dumb jokes:

15. This redirection of a dumb phrase:

16. This reminder that they're the same damn thing:

17. This important question:

18. This devastatingly clever response:

19. This reminder that taxes suck:

20. This reminder of where the blame lies:

21. And this reminder of the fact that bars full of men are horrible:

22. This truth:

23. And finally, this new verse:

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