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    23 Of Sterling Archer's Funniest Lines On "Archer"

    "I'm scared that if I stop drinking all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."

    1. When he was less than kind about karate. And Dane Cook.

    2. When he questioned the usefulness of blimps.

    3. And Nova Scotian militia.

    4. When he was more than a little excited about driving a race car.

    5. When he got really romantic with Lana.

    6. And with Katya.

    7. When he decided not to go cold-turkey.

    8. When he found a different way to say "phrasing."

    9. When he tried to get Babou some better lodgings.

    10. When he warned the office about food habits.

    11. When he got Germany and Alabama in one fell swoop.

    12. And he hit North Korea pretty hard, too.

    13. And Russia.

    14. When he defined irony.

    15. When he was hungover enough to pray.

    16. When nothing mattered on account of his sniper rifle.

    17. When there was one surprise he was OK with.

    18. When he understood the gravity of the situation.

    19. When he was not pleased with the jungle.

    20. When he got distracted.

    21. When he wasn't going to take any crap from a chicken.

    22. When he overshared a little.

    23. And of course, when he started this amazing running gag.