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23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Students Will Totally Get

"It's OK, I'll just get a 217% on the final."

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1. This reminder that teachers can be both evil AND hilarious.

2. This display of proper priorities.

3. This summation of procrastination.

4. And this one.


5. This well-deserved rage toward people who actually study.

8. But at least we learned a few things.


10. This international argument that turned into truth.

11. This summation of the adjustment from summer to fall.

12. This illustration of the ingenuity of students.


13. This thing that literally everyone has done.

14. This accurate description of college stress.

15. This thing that always happens when you bust your ass to finish an assignment.

16. This illustration of just how much math sucks.


17. This proof that sometimes teachers are awesome.

19. This appreciation of the most magical thing that can happen on the internet.

20. This thought, which has an alarming amount of truth in it.


21. This moment that perpetually tardy students know all too well.

22. This thing that happens EVERY TIME you miss a class.