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23 Office Workers Who Have Perfected The Art Of Sarcasm

Let's be honest: You're one bad Monday away from being these people.

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1. This act of rebellion.

2. This ink-wasting pun.

3. This bored food thief.

4. This prankster.

5. This IT complaint.

6. This subtle hint to be left alone.

7. This touchy-feely response.

8. This Dave-on-Dave crime.

9. This makeshift shelter.

10. This war on Debbie.

11. This very literal attempt to follow directions.

12. And this one.

13. This fed-up dish washer (who is not a dishwasher).

14. This bit of straight-up disrespect.

15. This attempt at propriety.

16. This response to outdated technology.

17. This smart-ass cartoon.

18. This suggestion that was definitely heeded.

19. This series of responses.

20. This running tally.

21. This helpful chart from a person who was tired of keeping tabs on Ed's movements.

22. This biblical excuse.

23. And finally, this permanent addition to the bathroom.

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