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    23 "Archer" Jokes So Funny They'll Put You In The Danger Zone

    "Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass."

    1. Every time Archer brought up "phrasing."

    2. And the times when he didn't even need to.

    3. When Krieger revealed too much.

    4. When Archer learned about Germany's laws.

    5. When the situation was this ironic.

    6. When Krieger had the best name for his sex robot.

    7. When Archer found it hard to focus.

    8. And Pam brought up Katya's boobs, too.

    9. When Archer totally dissed karate. And Dane Cook.

    10. When Slater burned Archer pretty bad.

    11. When Archer had to make an ocelot-based pun.

    12. When these were the actual subtitles when Russian people spoke.

    13. And even better ways of getting out of awkward situations.

    14. Seriously.

    15. When Archer could only think of one thing as great as driving a hovercraft.

    16. When Archer didn't take Canadian terrorists very seriously.

    17. When Cheryl lost count of the World Wars.

    18. When it wasn't really that long a story.

    Mallory: And since when do you carry a switchblade?

    Archer: It's a long story, mother.

    [sees switchblade in pawn shop]

    Archer: Neat.

    19. When Archer almost saw one of his worst fears.

    20. When Archer said a little prayer.

    21. When there were so, so many Lord of the Rings references.

    Cyril: These are from a doctor!

    Pam: Pill-bo Baggins.

    22. When Lana was 100% done.

    23. And finally, when Krieger had the best name for a box fort.