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22 Times People Got The Lyrics So Wrong, But So Right

"I came in like a conference caaaallllll!"

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1. On Kansas:

2. On Avril Lavigne:

3. On Taylor Swift:

4. On Mulan:

5. On the Beatles:

6. On Miley Cyrus:

7. On Smash Mouth:

8. On Daft Punk:

9. On Ray Parker Jr.:

10. On Outkast:

11. On Carly Rae Jepsen:

12. On the Chordettes:

13. On Taylor, again:

14. On TLC:

15. On Adele:

16. On Queen:

17. On Plain White T's:

18. On Smash Mouth again:

19. On Icona Pop:

20. On Batman:

21. On Whitney Houston:

22. On Avril, one more time:

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