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22 Facts That Are Small But Still A Total Mindfuck

My right hand has never touched my right elbow. MY RIGHT HAND HAS NEVER TOUCHED MY RIGHT ELBOW.

1. You've never seen your real face — only pictures and reflections.


2. You can always see your nose, but your brain kinda ignores it.

Columbia Pictures

Can't. Unsee.

3. You can't imagine a new color.

Cartoon Network

Every color that's on the spectrum visible to humans already exists. Sorry.

4. You can't breathe and swallow at the same time.


5. Your tongue never really rests in your mouth.


How is it resting right now? Probably not along the bottom of your mouth. It probably presses against the top most of the time, which means your tongue muscles are always working. This will probably bother you from now on whenever you think about it. You're welcome.

6. At this very moment you're the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again.

Paramount / Dreamworks

7. Your lips don't touch when you say "touch," but they do when you say "apart."

8. You can't hum while holding your nose.


9. Your right hand has never touched your right elbow.


10. Something is always touching you...


Yes, even if you jump into the air naked, because air has mass.

11. ...except that nothing ever actually touches you, because atoms exert forces on each other so they don't actually touch.

Atoms are constantly repelling other atoms, so when you rest your hand on the table it's actually hovering ever so slightly above the table.

12. If a baby is born at 11 p.m. in California and another baby is born at 2 a.m. in New York, they have different birthdays even though they were born simultaneously.

Warner Bros.

Time zones are weird.

13. Whenever anyone tells a "...walk into a bar" joke, you probably picture the same bar every time.


For me, it kinda looks like the bar from The Simpsons.

14. "( ) ( )" isn't a palindrome, but "( ) ) (" is.


A palindrome is a word or phrase that's spelled the same forward as backward. So while "( ) ( )" looks more symmetrical, it's not a palindrom. Just a weird thought.

15. A 48-year-old person has been alive for about 20% of the history of the United States.

Columbia Pictures

16. If you buy a fancy bottle of scotch aged 12 years, it's just from 2005.


17. You're probably only grossed out by people's hair or nails once they're not attached to that person's body anymore.


Especially if you find them in your food.

18. The graduating class of 2017 is younger than The Simpsons by almost a decade.


19. Drinking straws have only one hole.



20. The order of the alphabet is completely arbitrary, and thus so is everything else that we organize alphabetically.


21. Money has value only because we decided it does.

22. When you think about your brain, your brain is thinking about itself.

And it's your brain that's thinking "mind blown" right now.