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22 Reasons Why You're A True "Firefly" Fan

You can't take my show from me!

1. Because the banter was always top-notch, especially between these two.

2. And the sarcasm was real, too.

3. Because they hid figurines of Han Solo in carbonite throughout the show.

4. Because River Tam was one of the greatest characters ever, only made better by Mal's interactions with her.

5. And even when River didn't make sense, she still did.

6. Because this was one of the best introductions to a character ever.

7. And our introduction to Mal was pretty amazing too.

8. Because Book was always full of wisdom that even rings true to those of us who don't live in space.

9. Because Mal was a truly great captain.

10. And Wash was truly the greatest pilot.

11. And both of them were always cool under pressure.

12. Always cool.

13. Because Jayne Cobb always kept us entertained.

14. Because Captain Mal always had the best lines.

15. Because we understood Wash's struggles, being surrounded by badasses.

16. And he was a truly supportive friend.

17. Because we loved watching Simon adjust to his new family.

18. Because our heroes were complex.

19. Because the show was always at least a little self-aware.

20. Because the dialogue was never not clever.

21. Because we'll never forget the beauty of Jayne's new hat.

22. And finally, because the Serenity's crew gave us a motto to live by: