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    22 Hilarious Photos You'll Get If You Worked At A Restaurant

    Customer: "It's all on one check." Me: *hears choir of angels singing*

    1. That moment of panic:

    2. Knowing where your emotion box is:

    3. Like, do people know about Venmo?

    4. But when you finally hear those magic words:

    5. When you get caught up in the frenzy:

    6. When you wish Maury could help you out:

    7. And you just know there's going to be a laughable Yelp review later:

    8. Nothing adds to your dinner rush like constant screaming:

    9. This'll happen every time, it's a law of nature:

    10. Not today, guy:

    11. "Excuse me, where's our food?"

    12. Great, well, now that one's bussed too.

    13. All servers are masters of surveillance and stealth:

    14. *slow clap*

    15. FINE, THANKS.

    16. There's always a battle between your heart and your checkbook:

    17. And there's always that one fuckup you realize later:

    18. But hey, sometimes you're a bit rushed and someone does THIS:

    19. At least you have life skills now, like this one:

    20. And you've gotten some perspective:

    21. Sometimes you get that one good day...

    22. You just gotta go pay it forward.

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