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You're Gonna Need Some "Harry Potter" Knowledge To Get These Jokes

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1. This realization about Patronuses.

2. This very likely scene:

3. These very upsetting things:

4. This truth about Charlie Weasley:

5. This very sad fact:

6. This alarming fact about Moaning Myrtle:

7. This lil' BB Slytherin IRL:

8. This crossover:

9. This matter of Irish pride:

10. This thing that you would totally do:

11. This realization about Our Queen's name choices:

12. This comparison:

13. This cute thought about Crookshanks:

14. This thing that I WISH THEY DID:

15. This very excellent fanfic idea:

16. This spiral into fandom insanity:

17. This chosen tomato:

18. This author's note:

19. This challenge:

20. This fact check:

21. This truth that anyone with a sibling will understand:

22. And finally, the struggles of this very obvious Slytherin:

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