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22 Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Will Give You So Many Feels

How many times are you going to cry about Fred and George today?

1. The first and last words we hear from Dobby are the same.

2. This explanation for Snape's fashion choices.

3. Or this theory about how he got so good at potions.

4. This horrible thought about George looking into the Mirror of Erised.

5. Or this one, about him looking into any mirror.

6. This horrible, terrible detail in Deathly Hallows: Part 2, when everyone realizes that Harry is alive.

7. It gets worse!

8. Much worse.

9. NO.

10. NO NO NO.

11. *Confused sobbing because can't tell if happy or sad*

12. *Even more confused sobbing*

13. Oh god, this theory about Remus in Prisoner of Azkaban.

14. This post from actual Satan.

15. This juxtaposition.

16. This realization about the thestrals.

17. This moment that must have been bigger for Harry than we thought.

18. This reminder that Sirius calls Harry "James."

19. This sad but heartwarming realization.

20. This reminder of the moment of torture Hagrid had to go through.

21. This headcanon about a particularly funny new Hogwarts ghost.

22. And the fact that Luna could probably make all of it seem OK.

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