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    21 Times LGBT People Hilariously Shut Down Homophobia

    "You're still not straight I see." "Neither are your teeth but here we are."

    1. When someone didn't even deserve flannels.

    2. When this person had a brilliant idea on Facebook.

    3. When Cooper used football as a segue.

    4. When these cereals sounded like nervous straight people.

    5. When people forgot about bisexuals.

    6. And when Umbridge forgot about gay people entirely.

    7. When there was no prize for being nosy.

    8. When "queer folk" was the best term ever.

    9. When the answer was "no, bisexual people aren't more likely to cheat."

    10. When a lesbian blogger had the best response to a question.

    11. When this epic burn happened.

    12. When this hypocrisy was pointed out.

    13. And this one.

    14. When this quandary had a variation of responses.

    15. When this girl came out in the greatest way.

    16. But this was was even better.

    17. When the sarcasm was palpable.

    18. When the ferret wasn't a factor.

    19. When #ChristmasClapback got brutal.

    20. When seriously, WTF was going on with Tesco?

    21. And finally, when George Takei shut it down.