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    21 Times People Reacted Completely Differently In The Funniest Way

    On the internet, there are always two kinds of people.

    1. When two people reviewed the local police station:

    2. When two people saw fresh snow outside:

    3. When three (!) people had flirting advice:

    4. When three people pitched alternate titles:

    5. When two people talked about their lottery plans:

    6. When two people shared their thoughts on video games:

    7. When two people guessed the topic at hand:

    8. When two people typed searches that were so similar, yet so different:

    9. When most people use one sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet, but this person...doesn't:

    10. When two girlfriends differed on their sleep patterns:

    11. When two people saw something different:

    12. When two philosophers had different answers:

    13. When two people loved paperbacks:

    14. When one person broke from the crowd on the topic of breadsticks:

    15. When two people saw Olaf frolicking:

    16. When two people were studying:

    17. When two horses posed for the camera:

    18. When two people made supportive bisexual memes:

    19. When three people had thoughts about spooning:

    20. When two people had ideas about spiders:

    21. And finally, when two people had different ways of saying "there are two kinds of people":