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    21 Photos That Will Make You Laugh If You Were A Weird Kid

    We were all sarcastic little monsters at one point, weren't we?

    1. When you realize you had your priorities straight when you were younger:

    2. When you find some old artwork that explains a lot about how you turned out:

    3. When you realize what a little asshole you were to your parents:

    4. And to your teachers:

    5. Though honestly, you were pretty clever:

    6. Plus you were so good at arts and crafts:

    7. When you realize that being awkwardly honest started at a young age:

    8. And so did being a smartass:

    9. You were always realistic about things:

    10. And you refused to just be part of the crowd:

    11. You pretty much nailed every test:

    12. Honestly, your parents probably thought you were some kind of child genius:

    13. Especially since you appreciated them so much:

    14. In fact, you knew every detail about your parents and their lives:

    15. And you were a great sibling, too:

    16. You never said anything embarrassing:

    17. And you were full of great advice:

    18. You were a complete whiz in science class:

    19. You appreciated a good work ethic:

    20. You knew when to take a moral stand:

    21. And above all, you were such a loving child: