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Try Not To Feel Bad For Laughing At These 21 Photos

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again.

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1. This very real lottery dream:

2. This dating-app pic:

3. This little assignment:

4. This sign:

5. This space fact:

6. This totally legit product:

7. This sign, which is clearly in pain:

8. This accurate meme:

9. This feeling:

10. This grad pic:

11. This hungry robot:

12. This teacher:

13. This Florida woman:

14. This tweet:

My parrot died today. Its last words were, "Fuck, I think my parrot is about to die."

15. This picture worth 1,000 words:


16. This short story:

17. This ad:

18. This report:

19. This misleading headline:

20. This company's website URL:

21. And finally, this poor professor's daily struggle:

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