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21 People Who Should Win An Award In Pettiness

If you can't break the rules, just bend them. Hard.

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1. The woman who had the perfect response to her husband's text-shaming:

2. The husband who did what he was asked, technically:

3. The snack booth that found a loophole:

4. And the bar that sold $200 chips and salsa for all the right reasons:

5. The person who was not about to accept any terms:

6. The husband who did exactly what his wife asked:

7. The test-taker who answered correctly, with the right frame of thinking:

8. The homeowner who was forced to put up a privacy fence, and took the opportunity to send a message to the HOA:

9. The person who definitely added names to the map:

10. The driver who didn't have an electric car but did, in fact, have a green vehicle:

11. The kid who never left the bucket:

12. The mom who covered up:

13. The guy who shoveled a very direct, not-at-all meandering path for his girlfriend:

14. The husband who made his wife end up running 10 kilometers with this pinned on:

15. The math student who took "simple as you want" very seriously:

16. The engravers who printed what they saw on the form:

17. Same here:

18. The person who answered their neighbors' plea:

19. The roommate who took the over/under TP debate to a new level:

20. The person who didn't use a knife:

21. And finally, the AI for Google Assistant, who was accidentally sassy:

H/T to r/MaliciousCompliance.

Speaking of pettiness, here are some ultra-petty things that couples do:

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