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21 People Who Forgot A Word And Just Made Some Shit Up

English is hard, dude.

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1. "Water hungry."

2. "Fire on a stick."

3. "The compressed horse."

4. "Black and white fart squirrel."

5. "Christmas llamas."

6. "Bird leaf."

7. "Three color Halloween thing."

8. "Snails without homes."

9. "Sea pancake."

10. "Pancake sauce."

11. "Not breakfast."

12. "Latex dick wrap."

13. "[points in mild alarm]"

14. "Savoury doughnut."

15. "Bread, then food and then more bread."

16. "Eyelid hair."

17. "The number alphabet."

18. "Gremlin holder."

19. "Homo racist."

20. "We don't have time to be sexy."

21. And finally, just all of this:

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