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    21 Disney Posts That Are Basically Inside Jokes For Fans

    🎵"Uptown rat...he's been living in a Paris flat..."🎵

    1. This ~ageless~ take on a meme:

    2. This very inappropriate Ratatouille joke:

    Girl: Wow that was the best sex I’ve ever had, but I have to ask.... why are you wearing that goofy chef’s hat?? Me: *beet red and physically exhausted slowly takes off hat to reveal ratatouille controlling my every move*

    3. And this, which should be the Ratatouille theme song:

    4. This awkward cake:

    5. This cruel joke:

    6. This relatable post:

    7. This pun:

    8. This familiar sound:

    9. This explanation:

    10. This challenge:

    11. This MVP of Beauty and the Beast:

    My favorite character in Beauty and the Beast is this dresser waiting to fuck up a villager with a baseball bat.

    12. This suggestion:

    Missed opportunity by Disney imo

    13. This style choice:

    14. This reboot:

    LITTLE MERMAID 2016: SEA WITCH URSULA: Your voice is mine mwaahahaha!!! ARIEL: *flicks eyes up; keeps texting*

    15. This hope against hope, wish against wish:

    Keep going, Disney Eventually, you'll run out of excuses Eventually, you will have to do live-action Goofy Movie

    16. These evolutions:

    this is only for thin women. for fat women it's: • chicken lady-in-waiting • lady who needs six eggs but it's too expensive • glamorous half octopus with hench-eels

    17. This little ditty:

    me: I need to buy new stamps so I'm not sending out condolence cards with Disney villain stamps on them friend: no one grieves like Gaston, acts bereaved like Gaston me: how are you doing this friend: no one orders ornate funeral wreaths like Gaston

    18. And this one:

    Takes a screencap so he can subtweet like Gaston

    19. This realization:

    how old is flounder. he sounds like he's like 5. ariel is 16 and trading limbs to a witch for a man. why is she best friends with a tiny kid fish. christ

    20. AND THIS ONE:

    How does the little mermaid decide which creatures are her friends and which ones are her bra

    21. And finally, this real-life Ratatouille: