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21 Hilarious Life Hacks That Are Ridiculously Bad

Seriously, don't try any of these.

1. Just print your dirty dishes away!

2. Don't fix your socks; fix your toes!

3. No need to buy bookmarks from stores!

4. If that one doesn't work, try this!

5. Warm up that cold sandwich between laptop chargers!

6. Make your own banana bread!

7. Dip your contacts in coffee to stay awake!

8. Rob an IHOP!

9. Make your own emergency popcorn bowl for popcorn-related emergencies!

10. Take perfect selfies with a DIY selfie stick!

11. Absorb all that extra water with phones!

12. Poop politely!

13. Turn those health foods into a dish you look forward to eating!

14. Reheat that cold coffee!

15. Save money on your Amazon Prime membership!

16. This one's for all you tennis enthusiasts!

17. Make the most of hotel amenities!

18. Put metal in the microwave, I'm sure it'll be fine!

19. I dunno, make orange stands!

20. Eat toothpaste!

21. Give up on life!