21 Gifts For The "Sims" Addict In Your Life

    Gifts so great, they'll think you used Motherlode.

    1. The Sims fans will definitely get the joke behind this notebook ($6.22).

    2. Or this brilliant illustration ($9).

    3. This mug ($15) is perfect for those who only speak in Simlish.

    4. And it comes in a t-shirt too ($24.80).

    5. Want to give some jewelry? Try this Sims-inspired ring ($24.86).

    6. Or these Sims earrings ($54.24).

    7. Or you could throw in this Sims necklace ($47.29) and complete the set.

    8. You can't really go wrong with cufflinks ($14.95).

    9. These tiny Sim earrings ($16) are pretty adorable.

    10. And so are these Simlish keychains ($9.99).

    11. This coffee mug ($19) just speaks the truth.

    12. And so does this shirt ($15.99).

    13. And this shirt ($15.95) will speak to anyone with dreams of financial success.

    14. Of course, since we're talking about The Sims, you could just give all kinds of Plumbobs, like this keychain ($11.26).

    15. Or this pillow ($20).

    16. Or this sweatshirt ($62.95) which has Plumbobs in the shape of a heart.

    17. Or this colorful clutch ($20).

    18. Or this downloadable cross-stitch pattern ($1.50) for crafty types.

    19. Or these stickers ($3.50), which would make a great stocking stuffer.

    20. People who actually want to ~be~ a Sim will love this headband ($35).

    21. And of course, be sure to say "I love you" with a Simlish card ($2.49).