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    19 Things Michiganders Know Are True

    Showing everyone where you live by pointing at your hand is a given.

    1. You know Vernors is the best medicine there is.

    2. Deer are a much bigger part of your life than you expected them to be.

    3. You can never really pack away your winter ~or~ summer clothes.

    4. You've been to Hell and back (or just passed through).

    5. You really have to be on your toes when you're driving.

    6. Because you know just how bad the potholes are.

    7. But that's OK, because the snow just fills them in for you.

    8. You know what a nice, warm, 50-degree day feels like.

    9. You always seem to have some loonies and toonies lying around.

    10. You're always proud of Detroit's accomplishments (and you know it's not really as bad as everyone thinks).

    11. You recognize and love every snack here.

    12. You know just how to do a "Michigan left."

    13. You have no need for anything less than a 9 in a deck of cards...unless it's for scorekeeping.

    14. You experienced the disappointment of being Spider-Man in a parka.

    15. Just the sight of this sign makes you desperate for a milkshake.

    16. No snowstorm will stop you from a trip to the promised land.

    17. You start seeing freezers on sale around hunting season.

    18. You know that Ohio is really only good for one thing.

    19. And finally, you know that it's POP.