19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts You'll Only Get If You Went To College

    "College is like when you go from 1st place to 11th in Mario Kart because you slipped on your own banana."

    1. Oh god why, college textbooks, why?

    2. Seriously.

    3. Turns out college students are pretty much the same as babies.

    4. And are lax about their well-being, tbh.

    5. Sometimes the people in your discussion group are subpar.

    6. And you wish you could just get away from it all.

    7. Especially when classes get tough.

    8. And the workload gets heavy.

    9. Like, really heavy.

    10. And you wonder if you even need these classes, tbh.

    11. And you start to lose sleep.

    12. So you do your best to get it in elsewhere.

    13. Heck, the decision just to go here was hard enough.

    14. Especially when you considered those loans.

    15. Oh, those loans.

    16. But hey, you're creative.

    17. And efficient.

    18. And when it comes down to it, it's a million times better than high school.

    19. For realz.