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    19 Tumblr Jokes About Christmas That'll Have You Laughing All The Way

    Ho ho ho, as they say.

    1. This Simpsons crossover:

    2. This sentence that'll make your brain short-circuit:

    3. This VERY TRUE problem:

    4. This little list:

    5. This impatient post:

    6. This thing we all do, for some reason:

    7. This movie logic that has bothered me forever:

    8. This holiday pun:

    9. This simple solution:

    10. This warning:

    11. This wrapping job:

    12. This poor wooden goat:

    13. This takedown:

    14. This lyric:

    15. This hardcore Icelandic folktale:

    16. This Tumblr-specific tune:

    17. This world-changing fact:

    18. These things:

    19. And finally, anime Santa:

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