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    19 Times "Broad City" Was The Funniest Damn Show On TV

    Abbi and Ilana = YAAS KWEEN.

    1. When Abbi couldn't handle this question.

    Comedy Central

    2. When Ilana had a very specific fantasy.

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    3. When Abbi attempted parkour.

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    4. When Ilana ignored her shellfish allergy for too long and Abbi had to carry her out of the seafood restaurant.

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    5. When Lincoln drew the line.

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    Lincoln: I'd pick up your poop. You're worth it. But I won't make out with you. Black people don't make out with dogs.

    6. When Lincoln got really, really worried.

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    Comedy Central

    Lincoln: I was so worried I baked a whole cake. And then I ate a whole cake.

    7. When Ilana didn't choose her words carefully.

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    Ilana: I hired an extremely diverse smorgasbord of unpaid interns! Ugh, I just ruined a perfectly clean white power suit.

    Abbi: I don't know if I would call it a white power suit, especially after you talked about that ethnic smorgasbord of unpaid workers.

    8. When Abbi and Ilana couldn't resist another fried mac and cheese ball.

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    Waiter: Can I interest anyone in a dose of reality? Some mac & cheese balls fried in truffle oil.

    ...just now a child in South America died of starvation. Would you like another?

    Abbi: You know what, I would. They're really good.

    Waiter: Just now a child in South—

    Abbi: Do you just have that one fact that you repeat?

    Waiter: You're the first people to actually want a second.

    9. When Abbi had absolutely no chill.

    Comedy Central

    Jeremy: I really appreciate it. I owe you one.

    Abbi: I love you too.

    Jeremy: Did you just say something?

    10. When Ilana found her perfect man.

    Comedy Central

    Tyler: Just tell me you don't shave down there.

    Ilana: [starts singing] Can you pick me up? Can you lift me up? [continues singing]

    11. When Abbi forgot about the rollerblades.

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    12. When Ilana said the wrong thing at her grandma's shiva.

    Comedy Central

    Ilana: Simply yes or no. Did you, or did you not, peg?

    Abbi: [nods]


    13. When Abbi spoke a little too soon.

    Comedy Central

    Abbi: What is your return policy?

    Cashier: It's 30 days.

    Abbi: Great, I'll see you in 30 days then....biiiiiiiiiiitch.

    Cashier: You still need to sign the receipt.

    14. When Ilana showed her age.

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    15. When Abbi was a responsible adult.

    Comedy Central

    Abbi: I'm an adult and I'm responsible. Let's go get some candy.

    16. When Abbi's apartment hunting didn't go so well.

    Comedy Central

    Abbi: Where's the bathroom?

    Pam: Where's ISN'T the bathroom?

    17. When Abbi didn't play "Would You Rather" right.

    Comedy Central

    Abbi: Never have I ever, um, dealt with how my parents' divorce affected my overall, you know, being in relationships.

    18. When Abbi and Ilana had the best catcalling response ever.

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    19. And finally, when this dog totally did look like Judith Light.

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