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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Doing Whole30

    God, I miss carbs.

    1. When you start, you're so motivated and full of hope.


    2. But after just a few days, you're already like:


    3. The first week is a hell in which you've been sapped of all energy.


    4. Because suddenly your life is devoid of carbs.


    5. And this is you normally:

    We TV

    6. Soon, though, you find a Whole30-approved recipe that you actually like...

    Comedy Central

    7. ...which of course you eat every day and get tired of very quickly.

    8. Going to restaurants is SO tough, because your friends get amazing dishes and are all like:

    Sony Pictures

    9. Meanwhile, you're like:

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    10. And you start thinking crazy thoughts like, "Maybe just one little cheat day won't hurt."

    Studio Ghibli

    11. But no! Your resolve stays strong!


    12. After a while, you hit a groove and you're feeling good.


    13. (Even though secretly you still dream of carbs.)

    14. Things you didn't even like before become special, cashews never tasted so good.


    15. And those premade, Whole30-approved sauces you bought have saved you.

    16. And when you finally get to the end, you feel so accomplished.

    17. You did it! You're a champion!


    18. And you can't decide if you want to do it all over again...

    19. ...or order 20 pizzas.


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