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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    19 Ways Michigan Does Fall Better Than Any Other State


    Today is the official first day of fall, so this seems like a good time to remind everyone that Michigan does fall better than anyone else.

    1. First off, there are the trees.

    Rachel Kramer / Via Flickr: rkramer62

    2. Whether they be red...

    3. Or yellow...

    Robert Emperley / Via Flickr: emperley3

    4. Or a gorgeous mix of both.

    Robert Emperley / Via Flickr: emperley3

    5. The Upper Peninsula becomes even more beautiful than usual.

    Dawn Endico / Via Flickr: candiedwomanire

    Yoopers will recognize this as the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.

    6. And there's something about a crisp fall day that makes a sunset on the coast of Lake Michigan even prettier, too.

    Alaina Buzas / Via Flickr: alaina_marie

    7. Sometimes you get an early frost on a Michigan fall morning, but the view makes the chill worth it.

    Robert Emperley / Via Flickr: emperley3

    8. When there isn't a frost, there's usually a little morning mist on your local lake.

    Jim Sorbie / Via Flickr: jsorbie

    9. Michigan has some of the best cider mills in the country, hands down.

    10. This stuff is basically liquid gold.

    11. And nothing will ever, EVER top the combo of a freshly made cinnamon-sugar donut and a cup of freshly pressed apple cider.

    Emilee Rader / Via Flickr: bierdoctor

    The cider has to be served in the customary Dixie cup, of course.

    12. We grow pumpkins like pros.

    Michael Patterson / Via Flickr: michaelnpatterson

    13. And we're pretty good at carving them, too.

    Daniel Morrison / Via Flickr: danielmorrison

    Deeee-troit Jaaack-o-lantern!

    14. Best BELIEVE you're going to get your butt scared off during one of our haunted hayrides or Halloween corn mazes.

    Brandon Tucker / Via Flickr: thurlravenscroft

    15. Those leaves we mentioned before? Yeah, they make our already beautiful college campuses even more beautiful.

    16. And there's something about that fall weather that's perfect for a game of cornhole at your tailgate.

    17. Not to mention comfortably cheering on your team in a light jacket instead of in the sweltering heat.

    18. Even though summer is over and Oberon is gone, you can still enjoy some of Bell's delicious Best Brown Ale.

    19. Maybe around a traditional Michigan bonfire to warm you up on a chilly fall evening.

    Basically, all the other states wish they were Michigan in the fall.

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